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Is a U.S. based tax exempt 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides technical and financial support to non-governmental, non-profit organizations (NGO) in South America to improve sexual and reproductive health by lowering the incidence of:


  • Unwanted pregnancy (especially among teenagers)
  • HIV/AIDS infection
  • Maternal Mortality and Morbidity

PSIA promotes innovative approaches to attain its objectives. The development of culturally and age appropriate educational materials and venues for both the target population and health providers are an integral part of PSIA’s unique SOCIAL-COMMERCIAL MARKETING programming.

Our programs use private sector strategies and mechanisms to meet the needs of their target populations in a highly cost-efficient way. PSIA has become a recognized leader in the promotion of quality reproductive health products, including the full spectrum of contraceptive methods in the countries in which it operates. By promoting low-cost contraceptive products to those who currently cannot afford to buy them in the private sector and providing them with free access to sexual and reproductive health information, families now have the opportunity to improve their economic situations and break the persistent cycle of poverty.

Our Mission:
PROSALUD INTERAMERICANA (PSIA) encourages a preventive culture in South Americans, contributing to a responsible, healthy and risk-free sexuality, through different educational approaches.

Our Vision:
To be an organization recognized for its impact in the generation of preventive behaviors that improve the sexual and reproductive health of South Americans.

PSIA is:

  • An INNOVATOR - its first-of-its-kind Social-Commercial Marketing model is the correct response to the lack of funding for family planning in South America.
  • A LEADER - no organization has more experience in the promotion and distribution of emergency contraception.
  • INDEPENDENT - the absence of agreements with multi-lateral organizations empowers it to respond to “real” needs and not be bridled with policies driven by politics in countries far away from the intervention site.

The latest PSIA annual brochure is available, you can download it here.



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